Know where your advisors are all the time.

35,000+ financial advisor teams

​with more than 155,000 reps (registered and non-registered)

Advisor Atlas maintains a master database of more than 800,000 U.S. financial services professionals. Our clients benefit from our patent-pending process of collecting and maintaining a dynamic database of complex advisor relationships, indexed by DBTR®. Team data is available for both subscription and ad hoc data deliveries, integrated to your specification, to be readily consumed by your systems.


Making the most of your post-COVID business travel

06/16/2021 by John Pumphrey

Michigan is starting to reopen, and workplaces are beginning to transition back to some version of “normal” business. For many distribution professionals in asset management, this means getting back on the road for the first time in over a year. We took a deep dive to examine the impacts of COVID-19 on business travel and explore how distribution organizations are using advisor team data to maximize the ROI of business trips.

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Quality, quantity, and utility—Advisor Atlas teams data positions asset managers to grow in 2021

01/21/2021 by Michael Tarn

2020 was a year unlike any other and while obstacles sprung up across the world around every corner, Advisor Atlas aimed to continue to improve the quality, quantity, and utility of our teams data.

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SalesPage adds 25-year asset management veteran

06/22/2020 by SalesPage

We are excited announce the addition of a new team member—John Pumphrey. John joins SalesPage as the Director of Sales Enablement Solutions to lead the expansion of Advisor Atlas and LumaSuite. John comes to SalesPage after a 25-year career at Eaton Vance. We look forward to leveraging John’s experience to enhance the value of our solutions, guide our product development roadmap, and best serve our clients. For more details, check out this post.

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Team members on the move

Advisor Atlas team updates for May 2021

From an email address to their role on the team, both registered and non-registered reps are on the move and we’re tracking their every step.

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Advisor Atlas team data

There’s been an explosion in team relationships in recent years. Fifty-percent or more of wirehouse and large regional advisors are now members of a functional group. Advisor Atlas collects, compiles, and quality checks advisor data including wirehouse and regional firms. We use a proprietary dynamic recordkeeping architecture of dealer, branch, team, and representative,  (DBTR®). This architecture accommodates continuous updates to group personnel status, contact information, and complex relationships, like advisors who serve multiple teams at multiple locations.

Having access to accurate advisor team data facilitates marketing efficiencies, greater ROI on campaigns, and streamlined territory management initiatives.

Advisor Atlas team data includes...

    • More than 155,000 reps across 35,000+ teams
    • Both registered and non-registered reps
    • 5,000+ Team record updates every week
    • Reps that work across multiple teams

Who will be the decision-maker that has the greatest impact on your success today?

The Customer Support
Rep and Gatekeeper

The All-Knowing
Branch Manager

The FA with the
Biggest Book

The FA with the
Fastest Growing Book

The Diligent
Product Analyst

Why choose? Consider all of them using Advisor Atlas team data.

Data sources

On a daily basis, we collect advisor and group data from the most reliable public and private sources, conduct multiple quality checks for content and format, and then update our master database.

About us

Advisor Atlas was incorporated in 2012 to serve asset managers and other financial services firms. By enriching the viability and efficacy of applied industry data, ensuring that data is consumable by existing systems, and maintaining data quality and timeliness, Advisor Atlas assists clients to make profitable business decisions.

Advisor Atlas founder, Madelyn Martin, was a respected data architect. Madelyn developed a patent-pending process focused on a core set of advisor and team data points, which continuously compiles and verifies that data to ensure high-quality information. Karen Winters was instrumental in automating this process to provide greater efficiency and quality.

Advisor Atlas was acquired by SalesPage Technologies, LLC in 2019. While this partnership expands the accessibility and utility of Advisor Atlas team data to the asset management community, it remains an independent data source. SalesPage’s data privacy pledge ensures all data, from Advisor Atlas to clients’ first-party data and licensed third-party data, is handled independently and confidentially. For more detail, read our pledge.